My Book-bag Staples <3

Back to school season is in full-swing, and I’ve never been so busy. Between being a correspondence student, and studying Mandarin at Harvard, it seems like I’m going from textbook to notebook to textbook — some of the chemistry I’m learning is so foreign to me, it looks just like the Chinese I’m studying! ^~

When I was little, back-to-school shopping was a big deal. I’d plan absolutely everything down to the letter, including the kind of looseleaf to place in my pastel duo-tangs (five star, reinforced.)

While I might not be two-strapping a backpack anymore, the pastel duo-tangs and school-shopping obsession are still in full force at G&HP. I love it when my daily tools don’t sacrifice style or whimsy. Practicality can and should be pretty!

I’ve curated some of my favourites for you, ranging from agendas to lip balms and scrumptious candles to light while you’re studying. The No Grit, No Pearl print is a must, too, for a bit of motivation while I’m copying out hundreds and hundreds of Chinese characters.







Here’s where to find what I’ve been coveting this September!

  1. Coffee Mug by
  2. Kaweko Sport Pen via JetPens
  3. 2014-15 Agenda by Kate Spade NY
  4. Sticky Note Set by Kate Spade NY (perfect for studying!)
  5. No Grit, No Pearl Print byPatricia Shen via Our Heiday
  6. BKR bottle, Milk by My BKR
  7. Washi Tape, via Etsy
  8. Gold and Acrylic Clipboard via Houzz
  9. Lucky Cat iPhone 5 Case by Kate Spade NY
  10. I am very busy pencil case by
  11. Mermaid Candle by MERMAID, via catbird
  12. Tiny Peach Lip Balm by Tony Moly

Bold Brows

I adore my heritage. I am a most interesting blend of pure-blooded Greek from the Cyclades and ‘American’, which consists of being California-born, and of Scottish/German/Native American descent. While I lucked out of fluffy Greek arms (thanks mom!) I’ve always shied away from my eyebrows. Namely, because they’re quite dark and quite bold on their own, although thankfully lacking in the unibrow department.

I used to pluck my eyebrows compulsively, and then lapse into scraggly neglect. It was an unruly cycle that I kind of ignored until last week, when I popped into Benefit on an impulse and decided to pamper my eyebrows to an experience usually reserved for, ironically, less-visible parts of me.

Over the course of an hour, the lovely Newbury Street team plucked, threaded, shaped, waxed and powdered my half-Greek eyebrows. I ended up leaving with an $80-sized hole in my pocket — and million dollar arches located perfectly above and below the ~17 angles between my nose and brow bone, all calculated by my pythagorean aesthetician. Priceless. I consider the trade a very good one.


Along with the day’s waxing and threading, I purchased these easy-to-use products. I skimped on the illuminating pencil, but I can never resist something pearly, so I’ll likely pick it up on my next visit:

1994d0fde7339e7883d1b6ccce9db78def1e2911 Benefit-Gimme-Brow-Box-tube

  • “BROW zings” is a wax and powder combo. You dip one of the small angle brushes in the wax, dip the wax-covered brush into the powder, and then trace along your arch first, and then the rest of your eyebrow.
  • “gimme BROW” is a powder in a tube, with a mascara-esque wand that you apply by running the brush against the grain of your eyebrow (again working from your arch out) and then smoothing your emboldened brows back into place. Check it out!


Just like that I was ready to walk the catwalk with my bold-browed, stoned-faced fellow models. NYFW 2015, here I come.

Well, almostsmiling