Cottage Country, Canada

I apologize for my lack of replies over the past two weeks. I just returned from northern Canada, where I was staying with Reeve and his family at their cottage on the lake.

I’ve been without internet, but with serene dawn and morning coffees in the forest. I’ve spent my days reading, exploring and waterskiing on a glass-surfaced lake, surrounded by the prettiest seagulls I’ve ever seen.

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We went from New York to Northern Canada, and then straight to Boston to move into our new apartment. Life is a whirlwind of cardboard boxes, treasures from our trips (read: feathers and stones) and school supplies. I start at Harvard today!

Getting out of the city for awhile to celebrate Reeve’s birthday and spend time with his family really helped me to prepare for what I’m sure is going to be a very busy semester. Here’s to your first days at school, my dears, and the adventures you’ll embark on this year!

Single Lady Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast


So here’s what you do when your stomach is rumbling and your carnivorous fella is late on campus studying.

You take a piece of bakery-fresh bread, toast it ’till it’s golden, smother it with creamy avocado and then top it with edamame, meaty tempeh and tropical hearts of palm. S-woon.

This is the way I used to eat as a single girl, and boy is it delicious to reminisce about the days when an avocado toast like this and a glass of white wine were all I needed to declare a meal a total success.

Cheers to you, ladies!